Speakers and Amplifiers

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After the sources of sound have been identified, an acoustical analysis of the cockpit is performed. TDI placed speakers at locations shown in Figure 1. There are six automotive speakers and one subwoofer enclosure. Spatial orientation of the sounds and available mounting space were used for determining where the speaker should be placed. The front speakers play sounds that come from the front of the aircraft. The rear speakers are primarily used to play sounds that originate from the sides and rear of the aircraft. The Beech 1900D cockpit has overhead speakers that will play anything heard in the Pilot/CoPilot headsets if switched on. The subwoofer is used to provide extra emphasis for sounds that have low frequency harmonics (i.e., less than 100 Hz). Table 1 depicts the allocation of sound sources to the speakers.

Each speaker has its own channel of a stereo amplifier. See Speaker and Amplifier Specifications for more information.

Beech 1900D Speaker Placement

Figure 1.   Beech 1900D Speaker Placement

Beech 1900D Aircraft


- concept

- space analysis

- speakers & amps

Data Collection

Sound File Editing

Computer Interface

Computer Configuration

Aero & Environmental V+ designs

- top level

- engine

- flaps & fuselage

- gear

- tires & runway

- tire blow

- weather

- windshield

- explosions

- audible warnings



- marker beacon

Communications V+ Designs


- pilot

- copilot


Speaker & Amp Specifications

Host Buffer Interface Table



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