Pilot Comm Logic V+ Design

feature author: Paul Halliday


The PilotCommLogic worksheet is shown in Figure 49. At the top of the worksheet are two host inputs: Pilot Audio COM 1 and Pilot Audio COM 2. These are wired directly to worksheet connectors for use elsewhere. Even though they arenít used in this worksheet, we put them here since they are associated with Pilot communications.

Next we see a comment block that textually explains the logic below it. Since this comment block pretty well explains whatís going on, I wonít try to confuse the issue by expounding upon it. However, I do want to point out a couple of things. There are a couple of worksheet connectors that are created for Hot Interphone and for Pilot Mic Hot. Since thereís only one Hot Interphone switch, we put it here and fed it to a connector for use later by the CoPilotCommLogic design. The Pilot Mic Hot connector is used by the Instructor and Observer comm designs.

Down below we have two more models: Pilot Headset Control and Pilot Overhead Speaker Control. The first one wires the host input Pilot Headset Volume directly to the DSP outputs Pilot Headset Master and Pilot Nav Audio to Pilot Headset. The host inputs Pilot Speaker Volume and Pilot Audio Speaker switch combine to feed the DSP outputs Pilot Overhead Master and Pilot Nav Audio to Pilot Overhead. The Pilot Audio Speaker input is also directly wirred to a worksheet connector for use here and in the Instructor designs.

Figure 49.  PilotCommLogic Design

Beech 1900D Aircraft


- concept

- space analysis

- speakers & amps

Data Collection

Sound File Editing

Computer Interface

Computer Configuration

Aero & Environmental V+ designs

- top level

- engine

- flaps & fuselage

- gear

- tires & runway

- tire blow

- weather

- windshield

- explosions

- audible warnings



- marker beacon

Communications V+ Designs


- pilot

- copilot


Speaker & Amp Specifications

Host Buffer Interface Table


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