SimPhonics product line spans hardware, software and services that together form advanced systems. These highly integrated systems have been in use for over 20 years in the simulation and training industry. SimPhonics is also the home of V+, a new revolutionary visual programming language.

V+ Visual Programming System

V+ is a worlds' first: a true Visual Programming Language that dramatically simplifies system integration and programming tasks. From simple math to complete subsystems, V+ is a proven paradigm. It now powers all SimPhonics system products, from audio subsystems to complete simulator systems such as the ISED (a complete I/O, audio, intercom, sound and DIS radio system). V+ is rapidly gaining wide acceptance, and is in use in commercial and military systems around the world. [more]


For systems with 4 channels or less, FXDirect is the clear choice.  Using industry standard sound cards and software, FXDirect provides the same V+ streaming engine as the more powerful SMx, at a fraction of the cost. [more]

SMx Audio System

SimPhonics premier audio system, SMx is the latest product from SimPhonics design labs.  By far the highest performance streaming audio system, the SMx brings up to 250 24 bit audio channels to the PC while still maintaining lower costs than smaller competing systems. [more]

I/O - Integrated Systems & Devices

Combined with various I/O devices, V+ is replacing legacy I/O systems. V+ can tie together many different types of I/O hardware into a single integrated system, bringing the industries first visually programmed I/O and audio system integrated into a single unit. See how this new product can save time, money and increase performance issues such as transport delay in simulation I/O systems... [more]

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