SimPhonics Computer Configuration

feature author: Paul Halliday


The SimPhonics computer for the Beech 1900D simulator uses the following three I/O devices:

  1. Configurable Network Socket

  2. V+ Text to Speech Device

  3. FX 30 Device

The Configurable Network Socket device is used to set up the host interface. Refer to the Custom Socket I/O Driver User Manual for information on using this device.

The V+ Text to Speech Device is used to produce the synthetic Airport Terminal Information Service (ATIS), discussed in the ATIS section of this article. Refer to the V+ Text To Speech I/O Device User Manual for information regarding this device.

The FX 30 Device is used for the voice communications mixer, which is composed of the ISA-30 DSP and Audio 16 cards manufactured by SimPhonics. Refer to the FX-30 Digital Audio System User Manual for more information on this device.


Beech 1900D Aircraft


- concept

- space analysis

- speakers & amps

Data Collection

Sound File Editing

Computer Interface

Computer Configuration

Aero & Environmental V+ designs

- top level

- engine

- flaps & fuselage

- gear

- tires & runway

- tire blow

- weather

- windshield

- explosions

- audible warnings



- marker beacon

Communications V+ Designs


- pilot

- copilot


Speaker & Amp Specifications

Host Buffer Interface Table



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