Tire Blow V+ Design

feature author: Paul Halliday


The Tire Blow V+ design produces sounds when a tire blow malfunction is triggered at the instructor station. There are three models in the Tire Blow worksheet, one for each tire (Figure 25). Each of these models is similar with the only difference being the inputs.

A tire blow is composed of two distinct sounds. The first is the explosion, and the second is the sound the tire makes as it deflates and rolls down the runway (if you can call it rolling). The tire blow players are one-shot players. These players’ enable pin is hooked up to the tire blow input. The volume, frequency, and balance pins are hooked to constants, as there is no variance in these characteristics. There are two players for the tire blow sound, one that is allocated to the sub-woofer, and one that is allocated to the rear speakers. One might think that the nose tire should be allocated to the front speakers instead of the rear. However, the nose gear is actually right under the cockpit, and sending them to the rear speakers provides a more realistic spatial cue than if it was played on the front speakers.

The flat tire sound is played on a looped player that is enabled as long as the malfunction is on. The sound only plays on the rear speakers, as it probably would not be heard on the sub-woofer. The balance input for the player is a fixed constant of 0. The volume is a function of the tire blow input that is run through a 1st Order Low Pass Filter object to simulate a deflation delay. The frequency is a function of ground speed passed through an LFI shown in Figure 24. The curve for the LFI starts at 0, and rapidly ramps up and levels off at 1.

Figure 24. LFI for Tire Blow Frequency

Figure 25.  TireBlow V+ Design

Beech 1900D Aircraft


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