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SimPhonics Awarded C-5 Audio System


Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company has chosen SimPhonics' 32-channel SMx system for their C-5 Trainer. This is a hardware and software only order. [more]


32-Channel SMx Audio System Chosen for Landing Signal Officer Trainer


Veridian Corporation ordered a 32-channel SMx system for their Landing Signal Officer Trainer (LSOT) upgrade. This is a hardware and software only order. [more]


GL Studio Interface for V+ Now Available


SimPhonics announces a new I/O device for V+ that allows any user interface created with GL Studio to interface directly with SimPhonics visual programming language. [more]


8 Channel Text-to-Speech Device Now Available


SimPhonics has now released an 8 channel version of our existing four channel test-to-speech device! This new device, PN: TTS2DEV-X86 now includes up to eight simultaneous channels of text-to-speech under control of V+. The new device is capable of streaming eight separate text-to-speech audio channels. [more]


FlightSafety International Orders 2 Additional C-17 Systems


FlightSafety International, a member of The Boeing Company Team producing C-17 full flight simulators, has ordered a total of 16 audio systems from SimPhonics. [more]


SimPhonics to deliver 4 Additional JPATS Systems


FlightSafety Services Corporation ordered four additional JPATS Systems from SimPhonics for a total of 40 systems. These FTD's are being used by the U.S.N. and the U.S.A.F. and consist of an Operational Flight Trainer, an Instrument Flight Trainer and a Unit Training Device. [more]


DIS/HLA Entity Monitor Device for V+ Released


In a continuing effort to provide more flexibility and features to the new SMx audio system, SimPhonics announces a new I/O device to V+ that provides access to entities on a DIS/HLA network in order to generate DIS sound environments. This system comes complete with an internal network interface and a database of DIS entities audio types for the generation of audio environments. [more]


Northrop Grumman Orders Two 32-Channel SMx Audio Systems


SimPhonics is providing Northrop Grumman with two 32-channel SMx audio systems for their JSTARS Crewmember Terminal (CMT). This CMT is designed to provide the students with the knowledge to identify controls with their effects on communications. [more]


Latest V+ Release Features SSB Effects


SimPhonics has just released V+ build 210 which includes SSB effects, improved support for Windows XP and DirectX 8.1, and several new objects. [more]


Tuning Sound Systems Remotely


One of the many advantages of moving to Windows XP is its "remote desktop" feature. This feature allows remote access to the audio system computer from any another computer. <b>This is important for tuning sounds while sitting in the cockpit and testing communications systems.</b> [more]


SimPhonics Installs MH-53M Special Operations Simulator Audio System at Kirtland AFB, NM


The new SMx system installed for the 53M is based on Windows XP technology and features 32-channels of Inputs and Outputs which connect directly to headsets, microphones and speakers. This new system replaced an older SimPhonics system that was installed there almost ten years ago. [more]


SimPhonics Moving Away from ISA Bus


For more than ten years SimPhonics has produced an audio system that used the ISA bus for transferring real-time data between the CPU and sound card DSP hardware. The new SMx system is based on the PCI bus. [more]


Level D SMx Audio System Installed in Doha, Qatar


SimPhonics recently installed an SMx Aural Cue and multiple ATIS sound system for Sonda Aviation Enterprises Limited (SONDA). The audio system was installed on Gulf Air’s A320 Airbus Full Flight Simulator at Gulf Air’s training facility in Doha, Qatar. [more]


V+ & Support Software used for AFIST4 Program


Raydon Corporation purchased 43 copies of our V+ Run-time System software [more]


Atlantis Selects SimPhonics for CPT Trainer


SimPhonics was chosen by Atlantis Systems International to provide the audio systems for their Cockpit Procedure Trainers (CPT's). These trainers will simulate the Canadian Search and Rescue Helicopter "Cormorant" and ultimately be delivered to the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND). [more]


Sea Harrier Trainer Maintained At Above 98%


Macmet India Limited, in partnership with SimPhonics and Camber Corporation of USA, upgraded the Indian Navy's Sea Harrier flight simulator in the year 1996-97. The trainer has been maintained at above 98% since the upgrade. [more]


SimPhonics Supplying 48 Channel SMx Audio System


Opinicus Corp has ordered a 48 Channel SMx Audio System for an Airborne Express DC-9, FAA Level-D capable, simulator. SimPhonics is providing the hardware and software to simulate Cockpit Aural Cues, Navigation Tones and Communications Systems. [more]


FlightSafety Services Corporation Orders 2 Additional JPATS Systems


FlightSafety Services Corporation ordered two additional JPATS Systems from SimPhonics for a total of 36 systems. [more]


SimPhonics Awarded Additional C-17 Sound Systems


AAI Engineering Support, Inc. ordered 2 additional C-17 sound systems from SimPhonics. [more]


SimPhonics Selected for Moving Target Simulator (IMTS)


AEgis Technologies Group, Inc., has ordered 5 of SimPhonics’ FXDirect digital audio systems for their IMTS project. [more]


SimPhonics Releases Microsoft Flight Simulator I/O Device for V+


The V+ Interface for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 is an add-on for the V+ Visual Programming System that provides access to various dynamic variables within the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 environment from the V+ environment. [more]


SCRAMNet PCI I/O Device for V+ Just Released


The SCRAMNet PCI I/O device for V+ connects V+ to the Systran SCRAMNet shared common RAM network. The Network was developed by Systran Corporation to satisfy the demanding real-time requirements of high-fidelity simulations -- but its capabilities extend equally well to virtually all other distributed real-time applications. [more]


SimPhonics Installs SMx Systems in S-3B Trainers


The S-3B aircraft trainers have new SMx sound and communications systems thanks to the efforts of SimPhonics and KQ Corporation. The first of these two systems were installed at the North Island NAS, San Diego last year. [more]


TH-53M & MH-53J Upgrades!


Lockheed Martin sub-contracted SimPhonics to add updated VWS data to their MH-53J trainer. They also gave SimPhonics the go ahead to update the TH-53M system to the SMx! [more]


KC-10 SMx Systems to be Installed this Year


SimPhonics has completed the KC-10 Sound systems for Thales Training & Simulation, Tulsa and will begin to install these in the fall. [more]


SimPhonics Awarded A320 Airbus Trainer


Sonda Aviation chose SimPhonics to deliver the audio component for their A320 Airbus Level D Trainer. [more]


V+ Features Networked Audio Objects and Better DirectX Performance


The latest V+ release, build 200, features networked audio objects and better DirectX performance [more]


SimPhonics Awarded 6 Additional AGTS ISED Systems


SimPhonics was chosen to deliver an additional 6 ISED systems to Lockheed Martin. [more]


SimPhonics Completes KC-10 Recording Trip


Stephen Jones and Linda Lack, from SimPhonics, conducted a KC-10 recording session while accompanying Air Force personnel on a test flight out of Travis AFB. [more]


SimPhonics Selected for KC-10 Audio System


SimPhonics was selected by Thales Training & Simulation (formerly Thomson) for the KC-10 audio system! [more]


SimPhonics Expanding


SimPhonics expands local office and manufacturing facilities [more]


SimPhonics Demonstrates New Technology


SimPhonics demonstrates new technology at three facilities this month. [more]


Ethernet Interface and New Windows Mixer Device Now Available


SimPhonics continues product development with new I/O Devices including an Ethernet interface and a new Windows Mixer Device. [more]


SimPhonics Selected for Several New Projects


1999 was SimPhonics' best year yet! Several new projects announced. [more]


FAA Signs Off on DC-9 Level D Certification


FAA signs off on Level D certification for a DC-9 and a Level C sound/simulation system certification for a DC-10. [more]


V+ Compatible with Windows2000


V+ Build 161 now runs on WindowsNT and the new Windows2000. [more]


SimPhonics to Provide Raydon with Crew Station Interfaces


SimPhonics was selected to supply crew station interfaces to Raydon for Audio, DIS radios, and I/O systems. [more]


Text-to-Speech I/O device Now Available


New I/O Device for Text-to-Speech generation now available. [more]


V+ is Finding New Applications


Lockheed Martin Information Systems is using this new visual programming language for their Armor Training Systems. [more]


DIS/Networked Radio Add-on Package for V+ Now Available


eMDee Technology Announces DIS/Networked Radio Add-on Package for V+. [more]


SimPhonics Chosen to Upgrade Northwest Airlines Simulators


SimPhonics Selected by Opinicus for Flight Simulator System Upgrades. [more]


SimPhonics to Upgrade KC-135 Sound System


SimPhonics Selected for KC-135 Sound System Upgrade by FlightSafety International. [more]


V+ Supports PCI RT-Net From VMIC


V+ Supports PCI RT-Net From VMIC. [more]


V+ and Windows98 Compatibility Now Available


V+ Testing Complete for Windows98 [more]


First ISED Units Shipped


SimPhonics Ships First ISED Units Ahead of Schedule [more]


New V+ National Instrument I/O Device Introduced


This I/O driver allows V+ to interface the wide variety of data acquisition cards manufactured by National Instruments. [more]


V+ Classes Starting


SimPhonics now offers V+ classes and seminars to companies/individuals seeking to improve their visual programming skills. [more]


SimPhonics Year 2000 Compliance Statement Released




SimPhonics Selected for AGTS ISED Systems


SimPhonics was chosen to deliver the ISED system to Lockheed for use on the The Advanced Gunnery Training System (AGTS) program. [more]


V+ Compatibility Testing of Networked Audio Systems Complete


SimPhonics Completes Compatibility Testing Of V+ Networked Audio Systems with Other Leading DIS Audio Systems. [more]


V+ Used for multi-channel SINCGARS DIS/HLA Compliant Radio


V+ and EBC Corporation combine to produce multi-channel SINCGARS DIS/HLA compliant radio. [more]


SimPhonics Supplying Audio System for E-8C JSTARS


Dual Incorporated has selected SimPhonics to supply the audio system for the E-8C JSTARS (Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System) at Robins Air Force Base. [more]


SimPhonics to supply the JPATS GBTS Audio System


FlightSafety Incorporated (FSI) has selected SimPhonics to supply the audio component for the Joint Primary Aircrew Training System's (JPATS) Ground Based Training System (GBTS). [more]


V+ Breaks New Ground


SimPhonics' V+ is finding new applications. Lockheed Martin Information Systems is using this new visual programming system for their Armor Training Systems. Sound, Intercom, I/O, and networked radio (DIS) are now being combined into a single system, all under the control of V+. [more]



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