SimPhonics Moving Away from ISA Bus


SimPhonics has been quietly moving to PCI for some time now, with most of our Host interface software now available in PCI format; such as SCRAMNET and VMIC. So, hat's off to the old technology; you've been very supportive, but here's a big welcome to the new PCI!

While SimPhonics will continue to manufacture spares and support the hundreds of installed FX30 and FX3000 systems that were based on ISA, new audio systems will not feature any ISA hardware.

This move was necessary since the industry is rapidly dropping support for the antiquated ISA bus; and in support of SimPhonics' corporate profile - to stay on the leading edge of technology!

SimPhonics continues to embrace new standard technology and software enhancements; this means better support, better performance, and lower costs to the End-User.

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