The latest V+ add-on to emerge from SimPhonics is a DIS/HLA 3D sound system! This new software device creates real-time audio from utilizing the existing data available within the DIS packets! This eliminates the need to author Host software specifically to drive the audio system for 3D affects when used for simulating the sounds of DIS/HLA environments. Simply plug in the Network, setup some configurations data, and you're off and listening to whatever is in your DIS/HLA.

SimPhonics has announced a V+ I/O device to interface, read and control a Soft Panel SINCGARS radio. DISTi, Orlando, FL develops computer generated soft panels for ANY device. We've worked in conjunction with DISTi and their GUI interface to create and offer a Soft Panel SINCGARS that is a fully functional DIS/HLA radio. This approach is provided at a much lower cost than the simulated hard panels.

SimPhonics now offers an add-on software program to V+ that provide the complete earth Terrain Database based on "DTED" level 2 or 3 and provides Line-of-Sight for radios, etc.  This is built directly into the system and does not require a separate terrain server.

SimPhonics has extended the Text-to-Speech I/O Device for V+, used primarily for Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) broadcast simulations, to include the ability to produce multiple channels. For example, most aircraft are equipped with at least two COMM radios, which can tune two different ATIS frequencies. SimPhonics new audio systems can now simulate up to eight different streams of dynamic speech. The crew can now listen to two ATIS stations simultaneously, additional channels can be used for lesson plans, ground controlled approach, etc. [learn more about the Text-to-Speech I/O Device for V+]

SimPhonics has now tested the 64 channel version of the new SMx system!  The latest version of the SMx hardware now drives headsets directly, interface to low level microphones, and selectively provides phantom power.  A built-in VOX circuit is also provided.  The electrical audio I/O can interface to electrical signals from +/- 10mv to +/- 28V, and still achieve full 24 bit capability at 44.1kHz!  [learn more about this device]

SimPhonics V+ visual language and various I/O devices are well suited to desktop simulators.  For example, with the new V+ Interface for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, full desktop systems can be extended to provide almost any combination of graphics and hardware.  These systems are typically software only solutions - providing never before functionality and flexability, at never before pricing!

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