V+ Breaks New Ground


SimPhonics' V+ is finding new applications. Lockheed Martin Information Systems is using this new visual programming system for their Armor Training Systems. Sound, Intercom, I/O, and networked radio (DIS) are now being combined into a single system, all under the control of V+.

The new ISED (Integrated Simulation Environment Device) product is truly reconfigureable reducing the labor necessary to make changes and configure new training systems. Some tasks that were once performed by a host computer can now be computed using V+ reducing the host processing requirements.

The I/O system uses PROFIBUS DP and DIN mounted WAGO modules. This distributed I/O system costs much less than traditional approaches. The audio system uses SimPhonics' FX30 and FXDirect. This new product was recently demonstrated at Lockheed Martin, Orlando, demonstrating a 30% improvement in transport delay over their existing I/O system as well as improving other performance criteria. See more information about the ISED.

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