SimPhonics to supply the JPATS GBTS Audio System


FlightSafety Incorporated (FSI) has selected SimPhonics to supply the audio component for the Joint Primary Aircrew Training System's (JPATS) Ground Based Training System (GBTS). SimPhonics will provide the technology responsible for the simulation of the sounds and intercom/radio simulation, and will also provide the waveform to actuate the seat-shaker system. The prime contractor, Raytheon Aircraft Company has selected FlightSafety as its subcontractor to provide the JPATS GBTS.  The system is used by the U.S. Air Force and Navy for primary pilot training, utilizing Raytheon's T6-A training aircraft. FSI will provide aircrew training devices, computer-based training and courseware, an integrated training management system, a modification support system, and logistics support through the year 2005. 

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