Tuning Sound Systems Remotely


One of the many advantages of moving to Windows XP is its "remote desktop" feature. This feature allows remote access to the audio system computer from any another computer. This is important for tuning sounds while sitting in the cockpit and testing communications systems.

With a simple Ethernet connection, SimPhonics can connect a laptop in the cockpit to our audio system in a remote computer room, allowing full control of the "remote" computer from the cockpit. Along with SimPhonics' V+ software, the remote desktop functionality gives us the ability to modify, tune or add ANY audio in real-time. (This was previously achieved with 3rd-party software or other means, which many times interfered with the quality of the system baseline.)

Note: This "remote desktop control" is not to be confused with a host computer interface. Other uses: allows "remote" laptop in demonstration room; Instructor control from "off-site"; maintenance and support from anywhere in the world!

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