DIS/HLA Entity Monitor Device for V+ Released


In a continuing effort to provide more flexibility and features to the new SMx audio system, SimPhonics announces a new I/O device to V+ that provides access to entities on a DIS/HLA network in order to generate DIS sound environments. This system comes complete with an internal network interface and a database of DIS entities audio types for the generation of audio environments.

Using this new device, vehicle, battlefield and aircraft sounds are generated to reflect the current DIS/HLA audio environment that is near a selectable entity. The system can be customized to drive any headset and or speaker arrangement to meet the actual needs of a simulator or desktop system.

SimPhonics is currently using this device to generate the audio environment of a 3D surround system for the IMTS project.

New entity types can be added by the user if none is available in the database, along with just about any configuration and sound effect based on DIS traffic.

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