SimPhonics Installs MH-53M Special Operations Simulator Audio System at Kirtland AFB, NM


The new SMx system installed for the 53M is based on Windows XP technology and features 32-channels of Inputs and Outputs which connect directly to headsets, microphones and speakers. This new system replaced an older SimPhonics system that was installed there almost ten years ago. The old system technology was based on DOS and DSP cards, and did not have the capabilities of the new SMx systems used to create a more realistic audio environment. The host computer was connected via SCRAMNet (as the previous system had); however, this SMx system was fitted with a PCI based SCRAMNet and our PCI version of our SCRAMNet I/O Device for V+, which replaced the old ISA based SCRAMNet card used in the old system.

An actual MH-53M helicopter was provided for a ground engine start in order to record some sounds that were not on the original system, such as the hydraulic start motor for the engine. Additional weapon sounds were added as well, including new malfunction sounds. This communications system was interfaced into the existing Analog Network and locally is based on the SMx super mixer architecture so that the host controlled all of the communications logic directly. Additionally, multiple ATIS channels were provided.

The entire installation effort from start to finish required about 8 man-days; which included collecting new sound data, recording audio, building V+ worksheets, Tuning and QC of the system.

Learn more about the SMx system.


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