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This is SimPhonics 32nd year developing audio simulation and voice networking software. Committed to providing the best value in the industry, SimPhonics has delivered thousands of systems to governments, military agencies, simulation companies, and commercial airlines. SimPhonics sound simulation is the most realistic re-creation of real-time model driven audio simulation.



SimPhonics flagship product has the highest performance in the industry by far. With full 24 bit and 50KHz sample rates for ALL simulated audio, this system delivers a full 128 physical channels of streaming audio.


With a visual programming language for flexibility SMx shines.  From simple FTDs to large commercial simulators to DIS/HLA systems SMx delivers.  [more]

Latest News

The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered Sixteen of SimPhonics  64 channel SMx systems. These units are used in Air Traffic Control training environments. The FAA owns a V+ development system and develops their own V+ communications applications.


SimPhonics delivered 12 additional high end audio systems simulating the aural environment and communications for the C-17 ATS.


These systems are networked radio simulation compatible with other radio systems on the DMO network. The end customer has provided the V+ design for portions of the system, which is an indication of the flexibility of the V+ Visual Programming System.


These are some of the first units to incorporate dynamic audio filtering and compression to help balance audio levels on dissimilar radio vendor systems and are the most realistic simulated radios available today. 

The United States’ largest defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, has awarded SimPhonics the contract for simulation, training, and support audio equipment for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.


The HLA system incorporates SimPhonics’ state of the art SMx Digital Audio System capable of 128 audio channels at 50kHz sample rate 24 bit resolution. This system will utilize the latest V+ and VComm features including 3D HRTF audio VoIP, DIS and enhanced HLA.


United Space Alliance has awarded SimPhonics the contract to replace existing audio equipment on the International Space Station Simulator at the Johnson Space Center with two 64 channel SMx systems and two 32 channel SMx systems.  The Project should be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2008.

SimPhonics is designing and delivering a 32 channel SMx Audio System to Signal Solutions, Inc., A General Dynamics Company, for use in a MH-53E Operational Flight Trainer.  SimPhonics is very experienced with this types of trainers, providing high-end fully dynamic digital audio for many types of commercial and military helicopters. [more]

The Northrop Grumman Corporation has  selected SimPhonics Incorporated to replace and upgrade the existing Voice Communications System (VCS) at the NASA AMES Future Flight Central (FFC) facility, Moffett Field, CA. The new 36 audio systems provide significantly enhanced capability over the existing system, as well as an extensible platform for future growth. [more]


AMST Systemtechnik BmbH based in Ranshofen Austria, will be integrating an eight channel SMx Audio System from SimPhonics for their Alpha Jet simulator. SimPhonics has been directed to generate the V+ designs and worksheets for this complete sound and communications trainer. [more]



SimPhonics recently upgraded the HH-60G OFT and HH-60G WST audio systems for Lockheed Martin Information Systems (LMIS) located at Kirtland AFB, NM. The 32 channel SMx systems, for the OFT & WST Trainers, upgrade the existing FX3000 audio systems installed by SimPhonics in 1991 & 1992. SimPhonics' SMx systems provide all sound, comm, radios, EW, Secure Voice, ATIS, and DIS/HLA, ICS and voice networking audio for these simulators.  [more]



SimPhonics recently delivered three FXDirect audio systems to AAI Corporation to be integrated in their Advanced Moving Target Simulator (AMTS) upgrade. These trainer upgrades are a joint effort between AAI and VITROCISET, a prime contractor to the Italian Army. SimPhonics is providing 360 degrees of real time audio, providing more than 50 types of aircraft, 100 independent sounds [more]


More News




SimPhonics has been quietly developing new technology for Distributed Modeling and Simulation (DM&S) systems that will be shown at this year's I/ITSEC conference using a new high performance network for real-time applications, called LVCnet. LVCnet replaces traditional networking systems gaining predictability for Ethernet based applications and products. 

LVCnet Logo


This Tutorial walks you through creating DIS radio communications on two networked  computers in just a few minutes. This is the "Hello World" of VComm using V+.


While you probably don't want to put these radios in a military exercises, it does show the power of V+. The tutorial includes a download of a fully functional evaluation copy of V+.

SimPhonics development labs continually roll out new objects for V+ and the latest are two HRTF 3D audio objects. Both utilize the same advanced waveform generation techniques that other V+ audio generators utilize while the advanced version can connect to databases and switch waveforms in real-time.  These waveforms can be positioned and moved in 3D space around the head, and driven from head tracking equipment. Basic and Advanced object help files...


Using V+ and SimPhonics audio systems, voice streams can now be dynamically filtered and compressed so that networked radios sound like real radios instead of a VoIP phone. There is a difference and pilots know it.  [more]

SimPhonics SMx System has been certified CE compliant. CE Marking is a mandatory European marking for certain product groups which indicates compliance with health and safety requirements determined in the European Union Directives.

Emitter Audio Simulation

New V+ objects continue to emerge from the SimPhonics development lab.  One of the latest, an emitter audio generator, simplifies the task of generating audio for various emitters.  This object generates a stream of audio on the fly for dynamically changing parameters. Up to 128 emitters may be generated at one time. Download EAG Object User Manual



VComm Remote Management System

VComm Remote Management System (VRMS) is being released that provides complete browser based control and monitoring of V+ and VComm software. This is important in exercises where there may be many systems on a network.

USB Push-To-Talk Headset

A new USB PTT headset is now available for use in SimPhonics' systems. The headset is a new hardware/firmware design that overcomes the problem of maintaining headset identity in Windows XP and Vista where up to 32 headsets can be used simultaneously.

The headset features the same PTT housing used by Air Traffic Controllers around the world and the ability to accept different top portions from Plantronics, a world leader in communications headsets.     


VRAD is a complete stand-alone "bundled" product providing VoIP/DIS voice networking for Windows XP and Windows Longhorn. VRAD is also HLA capable with additional software (currently supporting Mak 3.0.1). 

By utilizing our V+ programming system and a USB PTT headset users can achieve low-cost, high-fidelity connections for one or many users.

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How-To Corner

Converting Legacy Radios/Intercoms to VComm

Saving VNE Files in V+

Managing Wave Files for V+ Database Players


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