Why Use SimPhonics?

There are many factors that are part of the decision for a supplier of a high-tech system.  The following areas are key reasons for choosing SimPhonics for this activity.

V+ Visual Programming System

SimPhonics is the only audio system vendor to feature a visual programming language.  V+ is a self-documenting program, which highly simplifies the design process.  This feature greatly reduces integration costs and risks.  Competitor systems simply do not have this luxury and are based on antiquated DOS and cumbersome text based programming models.  V+ allows the user to completely customize any aspect of the system, while maintaining a tremendous amount of flexibility. 


The benefit of using newer PC technology and software; lowering cost and increased reliability.  The use of Component Object Model (COM) standards and DirectX ensures that our system will continue to be compatible with future hardware.  Using commonly available hardware means lower price and greater flexibility.  Also, SimPhonics does not charge for models.  Any sound model or wave file is available or download.  Our belief is that SimPhonics success is directly associated with customers success with our products. 

Customer Support

SimPhonics infrastructure has been recently overhauled to support the customer and end-user.  Additional trained personnel have been added to support V+ and systems in the field.  Intranet and Internet information has been streamlined and reorganized to focus on the customers needs.  Also, a new understanding that development   contracts often do not predict accurately what may happen during the course of the project.  SimPhonics systems are better designed to accommodate changes during the development, and integration process.

The Future

Flight simulators made today will be maintained well into the future.  SimPhonics is very careful to select materials that represent longevity as well as quality.  Forming and maintaining relationships with our vendors as well as our customers, is equally important in order to ensure a brighter future for our products.

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Why use SimPhonics?

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