SimPhonics was the first company to produce an off-the-shelf digital audio system.  

Established in 1988, SimPhonics is the industry leader in high fidelity audio systems for flight simulation and training devices.  With over 400 systems installed around the world, SimPhonics continues to improve performance and reduce systems cost and ease of integration.

Utilization of newer technology is simplifying the development of simulators.  SimPhonics visual programming system, V+, is opening new avenues that were not possible before.  Exiting new capabilities are evolving to connect systems such as National Instruments I/O systems, VME I/O systems from VMIC, PROFIBUS, and SAPI compliant Test-To-Speech engines, just to name a few.   V+ can now be used to build anything from a flight simulator audio system, to a talking weather station without writing a single line of code or filling out endless text based forms.

SimPhonics is much more than an audio systems company for simulation.  Complete solutions are now possible for combined I/O, audio, DIS/HLA networking, with possibilities that are not yet discovered.

SimPhonics products are designed with quality and flexibility in mind.  While other vendors may provide a black box, SimPhonics provides systems with built-in power to change.

The company web site provides the latest news and information.  Every software item that SimPhonics produces is available for evaluation on-line for free, including downloadable user manuals.  

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