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In 1992 we introduced a new floating point ISA-30 DSP card.  This item featured a local bus that could transfer data at higher speeds than the PC bus.  It resulted in smaller board system requirements, and dramatically improved performance.

Again in 1992, SimPhonics engineered a new analog I/O card.  It was introduced in early 1993.  These cards are in full production today, and are being sold to OEM applications (including our own digital audio systems) for simulation.  The AUDIO-16 is still the only card that features a full 16 channels of CD quality audio on a single ISA card.

This hardware was utilized in 1992-1993 in the new FX-3000.  Announced in mid 1993, FX-3000 systems are now installed world wide on many different training devices.  With its unparalleled realism, it is clearly the highest fidelity digital audio system in the simulation business.

The FX-3000 targeted high-end systems that were customized for each application, and thus required a large software engineering effort.  In light of this problem, we began to search for a completely new software approach to rapid system implementation that would provide both high fidelity and flexibility.

We found the solution in a visual programming environment that did not require the use of a compiled software language, yet still maintained the flexibility that such a language provides.  The time was right to unveil our new Visual Programming Language (V+).  Preliminary work on V+ had begun in early 1990, and the marriage of the new hardware and software was a perfect match.

The usefulness of V+ goes far beyond digital audio systems.  It is a natural choice for control systems, data acquisition, and much more.  If you would like to learn more about this exciting new product, please visit the website of our sister company.  

In the meantime, we are happy to introduce the latest FX-30 digital audio system, which is made up of the FX-3000 hardware and the revolutionary V+ Visual Programming Language.

SimPhonics remains committed to providing the best values in the business.  We love being on the cutting edge of the industry, and look forward to serving you in any way we can.

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