SMx Details

SMx works with all SimPhonics V+ I/O devices. This means that it has many capabilities and connectivity solutions, from complete I/O systems to a variety of host interfaces, and more. There is simply no other system like it!

SMx Audio System Software

This Software Driver allows the mixing of Analog Inputs and WAV Inputs for output to the SMx breakout box. This software maximizes timing issues, producing low latency for the Real-Time production of Sound, Comm and Voice Networking. This device also includes the Windows Audio Mixer I/O device within its build.

Note:  SMx Audio System Software, Version 1.0 is the "old" version. This version ONLY works for 16 channel SMx systems delivered prior to May 2002. The newer builds, Version 2.0 and greater, work on ANY size SMx system from June 2002 on. Also, note that the old and new SMx drivers are NOT compatible with each other. Further, the I/O devices used on those SMx systems ARE NOT directly portable.

Recommended Mating Connectors

Switchcraft 1/4' Phone Plug (black) mono, PN: 250

Switchcraft 1/4' Phone Plug (red) mono, PN: 255

These Switchcraft part numbers are the recommended mating connectors to our SMx boxes.  We further recommend that any Buyer interface cables use Red handled connectors for all "INPUTS", and Black handled connectors for all "OUTPUTS."  (Colored heatshrink can also be used for INPUT/OUTPUT identification purposes.)

Note that these Switchcraft brand connector handles have parallel sides.  This allows multiple connectors to be plugged into the SMx without interference.  Many other manufacturers or brands of 1/4" stereo plugs have handles where the O.D. actually gets larger, the closer to the connector you get.  This "larger" diameter handle interferes when plugged in side by side on the SMx box and therefore CAN NOT be used.

Another reason these Switchcraft parts are recommended is the head of the plug has more of a tip and is smooth; many are flat on top, flat on the sides and have sharp edges; they do not plug in or mate as efficiently.

Product Standards

The SMx breakout boxes, are built by subcontractors with ISO 9000 ratings. These boxes are certified to FCC, CE, and international standards for EMC and the power supplies are both UL and CE rated.

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