Complete Audio and I/O System Solution

SMx is more than an audio system. In fact, SMx can be used as a complete I/O system. Thanks to the various I/O devices such as the National Instruments device, V+ can take advantage of existing PC I/O hardware on the market.  Also, since SMx uses existing software standards, any network interface card with a Windows driver can be used directly. Want to use Gigabit Ethernet? Fiber? FDDI? No problem. The host and the DIS/HLA network can be connected via any of these. Other custom devices are available such as VMIC’s Reflective Memory, SCRAMNet, Camber/Bit-3 VME-to-PC, and PROFIBUS just to name a few.

“SMx was designed for flexibility. The SMx is the only system in the world today that combines up to 64 channels of audio together with an I/O subsystem”.



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Complete I/O Solution

SMx and V+



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