V+ Native Platform

The Native Platform is the default platform for V+. Other platforms are available, including a DSP platform that runs on SimPhonics’ own DSP card. The Native Platform is supplied with a large library of objects and I/O devices.

Several kits are available from SimPhonics to help users extend V+ to fit their applications. Users may construct their own platforms and I/O devices for V+, or they may connect existing code directly into the worksheet via the use of custom I/O devices.

Execution of the Native Platform is under full control of the user and is based on a real-time concept. Execution is based on an iterative approach, and the user can control the rate of execution in milliseconds - all the way down to 1ms frames.



Native Platform

I/O Devices

OS Compatibilities

Windows NT, 98-2000 & XP compatibilities


Amplitude Modulation

single sideband radios in V+


documents, software, V+ and WAV files

Sample V+ Designs

learn how V+ designs are used in a Beech 1900D simulator



related topics

learn more about V+ and related products


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