SCRAMNet PCI I/O Device for V+

Version: 2.0

Build: 200

Part Number:  SCRMPCI-X86

The SCRAMNet PCI I/O device for V+ connects V+ to the Systran SCRAMNet shared common RAM network. The Network was developed by Systran Corporation to satisfy the demanding real-time requirements of high-fidelity simulations -- but its capabilities extend equally well to virtually all other distributed real-time applications. Based upon a replicated shared-memory concept, the SCRAMNet+ Network is optimized for the high-speed, ultra-low-latency transfer of data among many computing platforms that are all solving portions of the same real-time problem. Its simplicity and speed are ideally suited for applications requiring a high degree of synchronization and control. The V+ device uses a database concept for the description of the data in the common areas used by V+.




Native Platform

I/O Devices

OS Compatibilities

Windows NT, 98-2000 & XP compatibilities


Amplitude Modulation

single sideband radios in V+


documents, software, V+ and WAV files

Sample V+ Designs

learn how V+ designs are used in a Beech 1900D simulator



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