Labor Rates


$225.00 / hr


$250.00 / hr

On-site support travel*

$1,849.00 USD per day flat rate; does not include engineering labor.

*NOTE:  All travel time and expenses included for travel within the continental USA. International fees apply to product purchases only. Prices listed above does not include engineering labor.

In-house rates apply for work completed at SimPhonics or at a facility within driving distance that does not include an overnight stay.


These prices are based on SimPhonics' Terms, with Net 30 payment, and approved credit. Contact SimPhonics for pricing on any other "Terms".




Ribbon, power, interface and more

PC Boards

Analog I/O, Audio 16, ISA-30, SMx and more

Support Hardware

Amplifier parts, and more

Support Software

V+, I/O devices and more


SMx and FXDirect

V+ Classes

3 day V+ classes offered

Labor Rates

In-house and site labor rates



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