Over the last twenty five years, SimPhonics, Inc. has been the world leader in developing technology for the simulation and training industry, with over a thousand systems installed around the globe.

19G4 GTPP for Technology Applications, Inc.

737-400 for Frasca International

737-800 for SATCO, LLC

747 for Opinicus Corporation

757 for Northwest Airlines

A320 for Opinicus Corporation

A320 for Sonda Aviation Enterprises Ltd.

ACT & COT for Southwest Research Institute

Advanced Moving Target Simulator (AMTS) for AAI Corporation

AFIST for Raydon Corporation

AFIST2 for Raydon Corporation

AFIST3 for Raydon Corporation

AGARS for Federal Aviation Administration

AGSS WST for Binghamton Simulator Company, Inc.

AGTS for Lockheed Martin Corporation

Alpha Jet for AMST Systemtechnik

ASTT for Camber International, LLC

ATC for Federal Aviation Administration

ATC Communication Trainer for Xwave

ATC Trainer for Federal Aviation Administration

AWACS MTC for Plexsys Interface Products, Inc.

B-747 for Federal Aviation Administration

BeechCraft 1900 for Training Devices, Inc.

BeechCraft 1900D FTD for SATCO, LLC

C-12 Huron for SATCO, LLC

C-17 for AAI Engineering Support, Inc.

C-17 for FlightSafety International

C-17 Loadmaster for FlightSafety International

C-17 WST for Boeing

C-17 WST for FlightSafety International

C-5 for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

C-90 for SATCO, LLC

Car Simulator for XPI Simulation

CAVE for Northrop Grumman

CFT for Westland System Assessment Ltd.

Citation for SIMCOM

COFT for Raydon Corporation

Communications System for Advanced Information Engineering Services, Inc.

CP-140 Aurora for Xwave

CSIC for AAI Engineering Support, Inc.

CWIN for Northrop Grumman

DC10 for Opinicus Corporation

DC9 for Opinicus Corporation

DC9 Airborne Express for Opinicus Corporation

DIS to LIVE for Lockheed Martin Information Systems

DTSS for Lockheed Martin Information Systems

E6 OFT for L3 Communications

EA-6B ACCS for EWA Government Systems Inc.

EH-101 for Atlantis Systems International

ERTSS - En Route Training Simulation System for Federal Aviation Administration

Eurocopter for Eurocopter

F-16 for Frontier Engineering, Inc.

F-4E for Havelsan AS - Turkey

FutureFlight Central for NASA Ames

HH-60G OFT for Lockheed Martin Information Systems

HH-60G WST for Lockheed Martin Information Systems

HH-60J for AAI Corporation

Improved Moving Target Simulator (IMTS) for Aegis Technologies Group, Inc.

Indian Navy Sea Harrier for Camber Corporation

JAS-39 for LORAL Defense Systems - Akron

JPATS Program for FlightSafety Services Corporation

JSTARS for Northrop Grumman

KC-10 for Thales Training and Simulation

KC-10 FTD for Thales Training and Simulation

KC-135 for FlightSafety International

KHI OH-1 for Jupitor Corporation

LSOT for Veridian Corporation

MH-53E OFT for Signal Solutions, Inc.

MH-53J WST for GE Aerospace

MH-53M OFT for Lockheed Martin Information Systems

MH-60G for SBS Engineering, Inc.

MH-60G for Martin Marietta Corp.

MIA2 for Lockheed Martin Corporation

NADS for I*SIM, Inc.

NCOT for MacDonald Dettwiler

P-3C ICS for Dual Incorporated

RQ-7 Shadow UAV for AAI Corporation

S-3B for KQ Corporation

SAIC Lab for Lockheed Martin Corporation

T-1A for L3 Communications

T-700 for Daedalean Corporation

TH-53A for Lockheed Martin Corporation

UH-1N ROFT for Camber Corporation

UH-60 BHMT for Serv-Air, Inc.

UH-60 CEPT for SIMTEC Inc.

V-22 Command Post for Veraxx Engineering Corporation

Voice Networking for AAI Corporation

Voice Networking for CAE Inc.

Voice Networking for SSAI



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