V+ Run-time System (Windows XP)

Version: 4.1

Build: 385

Size:  93859 KB

Part Number:  VPLRTL-X86

This amazing fifth-generation visual programming tool replaces text-based programming. Under development for several years, V+ is the heart of in-house application development at SimPhonics~. V+ is more than a Visual Programming Language, V+ is a visual application development system. Many features are provided automatically within V+ which would require separate tools using a textual language. In order to arrive at a finished product, V+ replaces a variety of traditional tools and steps with a single tool.

Unlike code generators and simulators, V+ is an application development tool, and a natural choice for rapid application development for systems. V+ enables system engineers and other professionals to construct visual designs for a variety of platforms. The "programmer" is now a "designer". Concepts can be drawn directly with V+, without the need to convert an idea into a text-based language before the program is executed. V+ executes your ideas directly from our worksheet!

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