VComm User Manual

Version:  1.63

Type:  PDF

Size:  5005 KB

VComm is a network based DIS/HLA radio communications simulation add-on for the V+ Visual Programming System. V+, a powerful visual programming environment, is in use in many military and commercial flight simulation and training systems around the world. VComm 8.0 introduces many new features and fixes to previous versions and completely new concepts in DIS/HLA radio communications while maintaining legacy compatibility with existing equipment. VComm has evolved from a simple DIS/HLA radio package to a full featured DIS/HLA/VoIP radio simulation system establishing new standards and improving interoperability among the simulation community. By far the most realistic system available today, VComm focuses on realism and ease of use, while abstracting away the protocol implementations. VComm provides mechanisms for three types of voice communications over networks: DIS, HLA, and VoIP. DIS and HLA are related, while VoIP is a separate suite of protocols. VComm can be used to provide bridges between these environments. This is the user manual for VComm.

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