SMx Audio System Software (Windows XP)

Version: 9.0.

Build: 133

Size:  2879 KB

Part Number:  SMXMXR64-X86

This Software Driver allows the mixing of Analog Inputs and WAV Inputs for output to the SMx breakout box. This software maximizes timing issues, producing low latency for the Real-Time production of Sound, Comm and Voice Networking. This device also includes the Windows Audio Mixer I/O device within its build.

Note: The SMx Audio Software Build 114 or later must be used with V+ Builds 244 or later.

Note:  SMx Audio System Software, Version 1.0 is the "old" version. This version ONLY works for 16 channel SMx systems delivered prior to May 2002. The newer builds, Version 2.0 and greater, work on ANY size SMx system from June 2002 on.

Also, note that the old and new SMx drivers are NOT compatible with each other. Further, the I/O devices used on those SMx systems ARE NOT directly portable.

OS Compatibility:

Review a list of operating system compatibilities.

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