Editing Existing Worksheets (Designs)

V+ is divided into a development environment, V+ Visual Programming System, and run-time environment, V+ Run Time System. Using the development environment,  related design files (filename.des) are incorporated into a project file (projectname.vpj). Then, an executable .vne file is created allowing the visual program to be executed in the run-time environment.  When a worksheet is edited in an existing project, there are a few steps you must follow to successfully make this change part of the run-time system and executable file.

1.   Using the V+ Visual Programming System, open the V+ project (projectname.vpj) containing the worksheet.

2.   Stop the V+ Run Time System, if it's running.

3.   Using the V+ Visual Programming System, make the necessary changes to your worksheet.

4.   Select Start from the Platform menu (or select from the shortcut bar) to execute your project.

5.   After verifying the project is successfully running, select from the shortcut bar to stop the project.

6.   Save your project and worksheet. Note: Once your project has been successfully executed and saved, you must also save the updated executable/platform configuration file.

7.   Go to the V+ Run Time System window.

8.   Select Save from the File menu (or select from the shortcut menu) to save the current platform configuration (.vne file).