SimPhonics, Inc. is seeking a software engineering consultant to expand our product line of Audio and Communications Simulation products. This individual must have experience developing real-time simulation products in a Windows XP environment.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

The applicant is expected to have the following skills and abilities:

         BS/BA in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics required.

         3+ years experience in real-time Audio and Communications Simulation development.

         5+ years experience developing applications on Windows 2000/XP with an excellent knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio 2003. C++ or C#. .NET experience preferred. Must be experienced with MFC since our current product line utilizes it heavily.

         Technical Writing skills a must.

         Familiarity with the IEEE P1278.1 Standard for Distributed Interactive Simulation Application Protocols (DIS) a must.

         Work independently.



The applicant will be expected to perform the following:

         Sign a Non-disclosure agreement with SimPhonics, Inc. (Note that all code produced by applicant while in the employ of SimPhonics will remain the property of SimPhonics.)

         Provide samples of previously authored code work.

         Provide samples of previously authored technical documents.

         Check in code to SourceSafe on a daily basis.

         Provide high visibility into work performed.

         Submit a billing invoice every 2 weeks.

         Prioritize tasks and meet schedules set forth by SimPhonics.


Work to be Performed:

The applicant will be performing the following work:

         Using Visual Studio .NET, will be producing code libraries and standalone applications to enhance our product line.

         Design documentation of work to be performed will be produced before coding is started.

         A draft User Manual describing finished product will be produced either during or after code work is completed.